Just in time for the Super Bowl XLV

Cheese Nachos for Super Bowl XLV – view recipe here

*doitdelicious.com Jessica Seinfeld’s blog
Surprise Sneaky Ingredients** with 1 cup of carrots & cauliflower purees
Calories: 298
Also, on the plate… Sweet & Sour Meatballs– view recipe here
Surprise Sneak Ingredient** I subbed broccoli puree with cauliflower puree
Calories: 322
Now, before you get all excited like I did and make BOTH recipes AT THE SAME TIME for an “appetizers-for-dinner” treat, think again. No, seriously when I did both of them it took me an hour and half. Just stick with one, they are both great. I think I kinda messed up on the meatball recipe because I halved the recipe because it was only Joe and I, so if you stick to the whole recipe I really think it will turn out as great as Jessica’s picture promises. I’m sure it would really help to have non-stick pans. (Those of you saving your Market Street grocery store stickers, I am almost at a free 10” non-stick pan, Whoop!)
Necessary How To’s for the meals:
This weekend I bought lots of organic cauliflower and carrots to make veggie purees. Before you start either recipe you need to take time to do this first. I measured out 1/2 cup portions in ziplocs in the freezer to make this recipe even easier/faster the next time.
I ordered Jessica Seinfeld’s older book Deceptively Delicious for .21 cents on amazon, here is the link! The recipe book will use lots of the purees. Funny thing is that it says it will be delivered from Feb 4- Feb 21, awesome so no idea when to expect it. Can they have that large of a deliver range? Oh well.
Joe really enjoyed the cheese nachos while watching the Aggie game and when I told him it had cauliflower and carrots in it, he was surprised. So from now on, I am not telling him any veggie secrets now that I know he can’t tell anyways! 🙂 Let me know if you tried it, like it, or changed anything.

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