Coconut Shrimp & Rice, Choco/coco Fruit

I think that sometimes this blog should be “Emily & Sam,” my own version of “Julie & Julia” because I make tons of Sam’s recipes from her blog: Fitness, Food and Faith. Check it out and add it to your must-read list. You will be blessed and full at the same time.
I made this tonight and my husband who is not a huge shrimp-eater, really enjoyed this recipe. I also think it is fun when smells bring back memories and this coconut milk rice really reminded me of the Philippines, who still has part of my heart.
The Shrimp recipe I used is found here on Sam’s blog.
I found this Paula Deen recipe on the Food Network and would want to try it sometime soon. It would have been a perfect compliment to the shrimp, but I simplified mine and deleted the butter of course.
The rice recipe I used is 1 cup of organic brown rice with 1 1/2 cups water and 1/2 cup coconut milk to give it a silky texture. I put the rice in the steamer, went to work out and came back to perfectly steamed, fluffy rice.
For dessert: on the same Food Network show today, Ms. Paula Deen did frozen chocolate bananas with coconut. I made choco/coco peaches and bananas. It was the perfect dessert, not too heavy but felt “healthy” because of the fruit. (that’s just what I tell myself at least)
I have been blog-stalking the blog 80-20, this girl is a dietitian and makes 80% healthy meals and 20% unhealthy, amazing meals. Be looking for some of her food from me.

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