Gym Bag Must-Haves and Hill Training

What’s in the Bag? (Gym Bag Must-Haves)

Traveling should not affect your training, it should just be incorporated into your plans. It is so fun to change up your run with new terrain and fresh seneary rather than your same-old running trail. I thought that I would share what is most important for me to have at all times. (When I took this picture, Joe asked me why I was setting up a running shrine, he had a good point.) I attached the hyperlinks if you want to check out more information about the gear.

  • Brooks Running Shoes. I got fit at Run On in Dallas and these shoes work best for me, please Do Not go to Academy or Kohls and just pick up any on-sale running shoe, you will have injuries and hate running. If you are in Dallas, you really need to go to Run On! or Luke’s Locker to get fit for shoes. Bring in your old running/walking shoes and it will help them put you in the best shoe for you. I really enjoyed Luke’s this week, amazing Nike selection!
  • Feetures synthetic running socks. You, should not run with cotton, ever. I usually get the buy 3 get 1 free deal and they have a life time warranty.
  • Honey Stinger Waffles. Yes, Lance Armstrong is on the front so that is why I started eating these little babies, but these beat those gross goo gels, hands down.
  • SPI Belt. Has loops to hold my waffles, inhaler, and the stretches to hold my iphone.
  • Essentials: Spray sunscreen, Deodorant, Victoria’s Secret Spray, and Baby Powder. The Baby Powder helps my hair not look so gross and sweaty after a run if I do not have time for a shower.
  • The After Shoes: Nike Frees. After a long run, I do not want to put on the same shoes I have been in for hours, so these pink frees are light and super cute. When I first got them, the ligaments in my feet were a little sore, the frees are designed to bend completely and my feet were not used to too much movement while in a shoe. Just fyi, it went away after a couple weeks.
  • Athlete’s Honey Milk: with 26g of protein, this recovery drink is perfect for repairing muscle fibers after a long run. It tastes amazing and does not have that gross caulky taste of Muscle Milk or protein shakes. I am obsessed with the Honey flavor. I got this at the Hotter N Hell Hundred and have not tried another recovery drink since! Chocolate milk has nothing on Honey Milk!

If I find something that makes running easier or more enjoyable then I must share. I hope you do the same with something that you find that you can’t live without.

Hill Training Tips

Running hills has always been a huge mental block for me ever since Cross Country Regionals in Lubbock. How do you get up the hill and then continuing for miles without stopping when your mind is telling you to stop and rest? The Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco is going to be a serious challenge for me mentally and physically with the hill work. I am so thankful that when I shared this with my coach, Alana she gave me to tips that really transformed my 10 mi run in the Austin hills this weekend. Hope it helps!

From Coach Marc Bloom as published in Runner’s World:

  • Head: keep your head up, don’t slouch and put your head down
  • Eyes: keep eyes directly ahead of you, not down at your feet
  • Hands: keep hands loose, no fists
  • Legs: push legs off and up, not into the hill
  • Going Up: Run the first 2/3rds of the hill relaxed, and accelerate
  • Feet: shorter strides
  • Going Down: feet should land underneath you
  • Mantra: “Up and Over”

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