Pureed Veggies and Super Nutrients

Pureed veggies is the biggest time saver and my secret weapon when it comes to added nutrients to our dinners. I add pureed sweet potatoes and butternut squash to tons of meals as well as chop up onions and celery for quick recipes. I always, always sneak in a 1/2 cut of butternut squash when I am browning meat for taco or meat sauce. No one will ever know, promise. These mini containers store about a 1/2 cup so measuring it super easy.

  1. Cut up veggies to be steamed
  2. Steam in a steamer, rice cooker, or microwave in a pyrex with a lid for the time listed in the directions. Check out the Queen of steamed veggies, Jessica Seinfeld for her suggested times here.
  3. Puree veggies in a food processor for 2 minutes with a splash of water
Super Nutrients
I am obsessed with saving jars and storing my steel-cut oats, rice, and quinoa. If you have not been cooking with these 3 super foods, you should be. Find a recipe and give it a shot. Make lots and store in the same 1/2 cup storage containers for quick breakfast and snacking.
Steel-cut oats: on the blog earlier

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