Best Training Apps

Nike Training Club (NTC): Free!! Best all over training to get lean, get strong, get toned, or focused organized in 15, 30, and 45 minute training workouts.
Nike GPS: 1.99 Best for goals, maps, forums, runs, challenges with other runners, and motivation. I love the map feature that tracks how fast I run in a heat map, elevation, mile
splits, voice commands, and I am able to find other routes.


Other Helpful Apps:
  • iFitness: exercises by muscle type (NTC is better because the workout is already created for you but this will help with knowing which types of exercises will increase muscle definition)
  • Starbucks: this app allows you to choose your drink based on the nutrition facts. Starbucks is usually a calorie bomb with tons of empty, liquid calories but this can help you make healthy choices.
  • iFoodDiary: allows you to plug in the foods that you ate so that it is a pdf file that is ready to be emailed to your nutritionist or yourself. You are able to track what you eat and see it on paper.
  • RunPee: (ok, not training related but awesome) this app allows you to choose the movie you are going to see, lets you know when the best potty run is during the movie, the cues to know when to get up and go, and what you missed. Genius!
Do ya’ll have any favorite apps that really make training and nutrition easier?

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