The Beauty of Cross Training

On Thursdays, I get to call this pool “home” for my Cross Training (XT) workout. When my alarm went off I was already talking myself out of getting up with my usual “just 5 more minutes” playing in my head. Which always turns into an accidental 20 minute snoozefest and then totally destroys my morning workout. I always regret the snooze button during my 8 mile treadmill torture in the gym.

Today was different, I quickly jumped out of bed, threw on my swimsuit and walked outside in the sunrise for a quick XT workout before work. Anything besides lacing up my running shoes feels amazing to my legs after a week of running.

I am so glad that I got up and was able to experience the silence of a workout. I am usually stuffing my ears with my trusty ipod ear bugs that blare songs to motivate and push me on a run, but today I felt different. I didn’t want to run to the beat of Tonight, Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae or push the pavement to any Black Eyed Pea song. I just wanted to be silent; to let my mind wander, pray, or think about anything in the stillness of the water.
I was the only swimmer out at the pool as all the summer kids were definitely still sleep and I slid in the water quietly to avoid waking the neighbors. The pool wasn’t supposed to be open for another hour but it didn’t seem like anyone would notice, so I snuck in a quick workout.
While doing the freestyle I felt strong and my legs enjoyed the fluid movement compared to the torture treadmill. When my head was underwater all that I saw through by goggles was the line in front of me, bubbles made from my hands, and open water which gave me the freedom to think about whatever I wanted. I prayed for my family, my friends, and got to talk with the Lord about how I have been feeling lately. The silence under the water gave me the stillness in my heart about some issues that I have been hanging on to, not wanting to give the Lord control over.
“Be still and know that I am Lord,” washed over me with a reality that can only be gained when I am not distracted by songs, traffic, my pace, or my mileage. Today’s XT was more than a total body workout, it pushed me physically and spiritually to be in a better place than when I first entered the pool.
The only way to respond, was to finish my workout, sit by the fountains, and read from my bible on my phone. To let God’s Word, which is alive and active move through me and speak to me. I have felt the residual effects of my XT and welcome the silence and peace that I received from Him this morning.

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