Needing Some Inspiration

When I need some inspiration, I look no further than any Nike advertisement. I love this one, that asks me, “What do I want to be?” [fit, confident, happy, hilarious, tenacious, strong, cool, hot, radiant, bright, brilliant…] it continues, “The truth is, you can make yourself anything, and have a lot of fun doing it, but it’s up to you to make it happen, you’re in charge. You are entirely up to you, make yourself up to you. Make your body, Make your life, Make YOURSELF.”
Well, I’m charged up! I have 40 miles this week and I can’t believe it, I’m going to be need that inspiration this week for sure. I am excited for my family and friends that are training and killing their training this week! Go Ladies!!
{Jessie} Training for the Hottern’ Hell Hundred bike race… 100K
{Momma} Training for the Hotten’ Hell Hundred bike race… 100 MILES! (and marathon training at the same time, yes… my mom is incredible!)
{Lacia} Training for the Las Vegas Marathon… love my long runs with her
{Monica} Training for the Nike Women’s Marathon… can’t wait to see her at the starting line!

I also, like this one… “Think Training’s Hard? Try Losing.” No thank you, I will put in the time and the miles. Losing is not really my thing. Not so much losing the race, but allowing myself to “lose” mentally with hills, comparing myself with others, getting freaked out when I get passed. This one really follows my most favorite mantra, “Believe in your Training.” I love racing and knowing that I did put in the miles and believe in my training enough to carry me through the rest of the race so I am able to enjoy it!

The best part of training…. rewards! If you are putting in the work, you deserve to treat yourself! My reward? Dublin Dr. Pepper and a perfect coconut cupcake!

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