Physical Therapists… A Runner’s Best Friend

Meet :: Michelle… A triathlon athlete, runner, friend, Jesus lover, an amazing listener, and a physical therapist. The Lord has given her the gift of being able to know how to assess, give treatment, and ultimately get you back to your previous (or better) condition. She is not only used by the Lord to help others (mostly me when I feel like I am “dying”) with a physical need, but is committed to meeting spiritual needs of others throughout the day.

I met Michelle while working with our high school students and I am better for knowing her. We share the same heart for our high school girls, love to move and be active, and she is a morning runner so we got to sneak in a couple coastal runs on beach camp together! This was the view from one of our morning runs!
Yesterday, I literally thought that my heel bone had a stress fracture in it because of how much it hurt when I woke up, but I still had a nagging pain calcaneus. (I never claimed to not have a low pain tolerance… AKA be a sissy, or a drama queen.) Anyways, after icing, popping advil like they were m&ms, and calling Michelle; she concluded that it might be plantar fasciitis. I feel much better this morning and my swim with no pounding on the heel felt amazing this morning.
All runners need a physical therapist, someone that knows how to get the body (you) back into your sport because injury is bound to happen. Michelle speaks words of encouragement when treatment is painful but will lead down the road to recovery. I can’t help but love the analogy. Her words are wise, full of knowledge, and she knows how much running means to me. I am thankful for my friend who helps me get back on my feet. I hope to return the favor someday.

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