The Stars and Stripe

Nothing is more peaceful or wakes me up like a morning work out. My muscles need to be stretched and my heart rate needs to get into the athletic zone for me to start my day.  Some people are just born morning people, but runners in Texas are made into morning people. The 92 degrees with little humidity at 5am is better than the 105 and dangerous heat index levels that make sleeping in devastating to your training plan.

Set that alarm. Mine says “Get Training!!!!” when it goes off and reminds me of the bigger goal when sleeping in is so tempting. I have all of my workout clothes, breakfast, water bottle in fridge, and shoes ready so there is literally no excuse for me to not get out of bed. (Remember, I’m Type A)

It also helps to have someone who will wonder where you are if you miss a work out. Accountability is key in maintaining fitness. My friend Jill and I have created a routine that I am excited about following this season. She and I are up at around the same time to run side-by-side on the treadmills. We don’t need to talk much, just listen to our own pace and catch up on E! News drama. Knowing that she would send me a facebook message if I was a no-show is enough to help me stay on track with my training.

My cross training days are becoming of the highlight of my week. This morning I was doing the front crawl and when I would turn my head to breathe, I saw the stars glisten. Then face down in the water back to center stripe. I was alternating my views: breathe… stars… stripe… breathe… stars… I could not believe how beautiful it was and felt blessed to have been able to train this morning.

I would take the adrenaline over the caffeine any day. I mean, I do make an amazing cup of hawaiian iced coffee and all, but there is nothing like completing your hard-core workout before the sunrises and neighbors are even considering starting their day.


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