Yoga for Runners

Yoga is the perfect compliment after a week of running. Finding 45 minutes to be focused solely on your muscles will help your training and clear your head. My marathon coach and I attended a free yoga session for athletes at Luke’s Locker this week. It was a great experience to be in the room with new yogis, 3 day walkers, and runners alike. Our instructor Stacy Olsen (Yoga on Main in Frisco) really helped us stretch those over-used-never-stretched IT bands, psoas, and hip flexors that get really tight while running.

My 5 Favorite Reasons why I love the Yoga-Running Combination:

  1. Quiet time, peaceful place to relax and not always be on the move
  2. Stretch my muscles intentionally for 1 hour a week
  3. Strengthen muscles I do not use in running
  4. Improve breathing which can increase your VO2 Max making you heart-oxygen levels more efficient
  5. Deepen mind/body connection (not in a weird way, but being about to listen to what you need to stretch, which translates well for running. You will be able to know if you can push yourself harder or faster in running when you listen to your body. This is key for running long distances such a 1/2 or full marathon.)
Here are some videos to get you started this week. I will post my own yoga for runners routine later this week.
10 minute Hip Flexor and Hamstring Yoga Poses (more stretching, less power) watch video
10 minute Sun Salutation with Pigeon Pose (stretching hip flexors, no power poses) watch video
10 minute Yoga Routine for Runners (Using major running muscles for power) watch video
Nike Salutation with 3 legged dog pose (repeat for each leg, repeat entire video/workout 2 times) watch video
I also found a great resource of yoga articles by Runner’s World:

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