Yoga Routine for Runners

While teaching a yoga class at A&M, I created a routine that focused only on muscles used in running.  I would hold each pose for about a minute or about 6 slow deep breath sets. Don’t forget to switch sides during the pose.

During that minute:

  • reset yourself back into the pose a couple of times
  • check to see if you feel like you are “cheating” or using other muscles instead of the ones you should be using
  • ease into the poses while gently stretching
  • think about your breathing
  • use this time to stretch what feels good to you, you do not “have” to do each pose perfect, do what feels good to your body
  • do not over-stretch muscles!! You should feel a light tug while in the pose, but not a deep, prickly feeling -that is your muscles tell you that you are over-stretching and causing muscular damage.

Yoga for Runners Routine:

Sun Salutation to get blood flowing…

  • Mountain: Stand tall, feet shoulder width apart
  • Reach arms back, bending back
  • Swan dive down, bring arms near the ground
  • Lunge with Right foot forward (hold and stretch here for hamstrings)
  • Down Dog
  • Plank
  • Lower Plank to hover over the ground
  • Cobra
  • Child’s Pose with arms forward on ground
  • Cat
  • Down Dog
  • Lunge with Left foot forward (hold and stretch here for hamstrings)
  • Stand tall in Mountain
  • You just completed a Sun Salutation…. use this photo to help then move to the next poses

Continue for the Yoga for Runner Routine:

I used photos from the Yoga Journal. It is a great resource in creating a routine and finding new poses. Click the highlighted title for more detailed, step-by-step instructions.

  • Dancer– shown below, Stretch quads, hip flexors, abdominals **you can hold on to something if you need to, be careful and protect your knee

  • Wide Leg Forward Fold– shown below, stretch hamstrings, lower back. You do not have to put your hands on the ground you can hang as low as you can




  • Staff Pose– shown below, builds strength all over body, hover over the ground



Photo Credits: Sun Salutation, Dancer, Wide Leg Forward Fold, 1 Leg King Pigeon, Reclining Big Toe, Revolving Side Angle, Staff Pose, 1/2 Lord of the Fishes


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