Training Programs

I have used the Nike+ products and training programs for all of my half marathons and full marathon. I have found that I have the most support, encouragement, and can see my runs linearly using this program.

If you have an iphone you should download the Nike+ app or the Nike+GPS app to start the program using your phone.

If you do not have an iphone, you should look into the different products nike offers that also help track time, distance, pace, and calories. I love my nike+ sportband before I used my iphone. I love the chic style and the Nike+ website is the BEST part of the watch. You plug in the watch as a USB drive into your computer and are able to track and use the website.

The website walks you though any training program you want to training for: Walk to Run, 5K (3.1 miles), 10K (6.2 miles), half marathon, full marathon, some specific marathons like the NWM, Chicago, New York Marathons.

Nike+ Program Website:

  • Runs: your runs are tracked linearly and you can search by month, weekly, and track pace and distance
  • Goals: you can set goals to 1. run more often 2. burn calories 3. run faster 4. run farther
  • Challenges: challenge your friends who are also on nike+ or who are training for the same event
  • Coach: choose and training program, it gives your next run, downloads into your calendar
  • Maps: find new routes that other runners have mapped out, find your runs when you run in different cities and track elevation, sort by mileage, and check your mile split stat
  • Forums: ask questions and other runners will try to help you
  • Home: create a mini me dressed in nike gear to encourage you to workout or cheer you on
  • iphone app: your coach can speak into your head phones at every mile, tell you your pace, total distance, and total time on the course. After your run professional athletes cheer you on and congratulate you on your hard work
What is Nike+ Overview
Nike+GPS App

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