Now Entering :: Monster Month

I read an incredible article on Runner’s World  about “Monster Month.” The critical, crazy-difficult 4 weeks leading into the October marathons. Everything I read related to how I am currently feeling about my marathon training.

After my 16 miler with my running partner last Sunday, Lacia and I were both feeling sick. It was hot even at 5am, no wind, ran out of water early on in training, nausea, chills, headache, and muscle soreness. I feel like I am whining here, but I know that I am responsible for not eating correctly during the week. I ate something out every day (sick! who does that!?) and I know better! I drank dr. pepper instead of water to help with my headaches from the 1st week of school (like corn syrup will instantly heal?! what was my reasoning there?).  The night before my 16 miler I ate fast food burgers for lunch and cereal for dinner. How did I even expect to make it out the door with all of these poor choices?

It was when I was 8 miles out and felt like I was “dying” that I realized and added up all my choices from the week. “Oh I ate out Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, and Sat? Did I really have to stop at Sonic for happy hour every day? Did I seriously only have cereal for dinner last night?”

Then, out of nowhere a waft of bacon hit me in the face as we ran near a large hotel. Gag me, seriously that was the worst 1/2 mile ever. Between Lacia and I each doubled over at different times on our run and regretting each of our poor decisions, we are really wanting vengence in this week’s 18 miler.

The article on Monster Month really encouraged me to take care of my sore muscles from last week, discouraged me from trying to “catch up” on the miles I missed on my days off. No more cross training and just focus on running. I want that Tiffany’s finisher necklace more than anything! I need to training smart, eat smart, and train smart. It’s Go Time!

(These photo was taken after we had been running for 2 hours, already sick but at least trying to enjoy the views)


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