Skunk, Opossum, and a Family of Mice

Well, every run has to have something that you changes you. Maybe it was a thought, a prayer, or maybe you left that burden you have been carrying a few miles behind. After my horrible 16 mile run a week ago I needed to know that I could push myself further without having to stop to walk 15 times or have muscle failure. I needed to know that I could complete the 16 miles and still have energy for 10 more.

I want that sense of accomplishment and Tiffany’s finisher necklace so bad I have been dreaming about it. Seriously, two nights in a row I have put on my running clothes and thought it was time for a workout, only to find that it was 12:30 or 2:00 in the morning. I definitely have running on the brain and keep dreaming about what San Fran will look like, sound like, and feel like in my running shoes.

As, I said every run has to have something that changes you. My 16 mile run while visiting Houston was my Redemption Run filled with adventure. I got up at 4:30, laced up, and was out the door at 5:00 to shadowed, empty streets in a suburban country club. At first, I was in awe of the stars and do not remember Dallas having so many above, but then the sun felt like it took forever to wake up. The moon was so small that the sky was black until 6:45. I was freaking myself out with the shadows and wasted tons of energy looking behind me.

I ran 3 miles out and felt sure that I gone too far when I saw a Starbucks sign in the distance. I knew that it was the only thing open at 5:30 and set straight for it to reorient myself in the dark. Apparently, Starbucks in the burbs does not open until 6:00, who knew? So there I was 5:30am in the pitch dark, 3 miles out, sitting on the patio furniture when a family of mice decide to run around my feet. I jumped up so fast on that patio chair! Eeeekkk, no thank you. I am not a country girl, though I live in Texas I am very much a city girl.

I made a run for it back towards the house, through the shadows, past 2 donuts shops that I could smell from a 1/2 mile away when I saw I cute little black kitten. Or… so I thought. You probably know where this is going… I almost stopped to pet it, when I saw a very white, very fluffy tail pointed straight toward me. It was a skunk alright, I jumped in the middle of the street so fast becuase I didn’t know if those have a long range.

I made it back to the house before anyone was up and thanked the Lord that I made it safely and promised myself that I would not do that again. I forgot how scared I am of the dark. I need to remember that for my next run for sure! So I set out for the next 10 miles with “Stereo Hearts” and “Moves Like Jaggar” on repeat and cranked out some of my best mile times in a distance run.

On my way home. I was being followed my a opossum that was probably just a confused as I was to see him in the daylight. Poor little guy, he couldn’t really move, but then I remembered that they play dead, so I’m not too sure. What is your crazy run story?


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