Marathon Foods Meal Plan

Bowties with Tomato & Arugula

It’s Go time… which means that I need to kick it in high gear with my nutrition as I am 30 days away from Race Day! (Just got Chills!)

So I scavenged through Runner’s World today after @RunnersWorld tweeted about Marathon Chefs. Confession:: If I see someone at the grocery store with a marathon race tee, I watch and see what they pick up in the aisle or strike up a converstaion about their favorite pre race foods. Stalkerish? not sure, but I get lots of good ideas.

I created my meal plans for this week from recipes I found in the Meal Plans tab on the Runner’s World website. Some of the recipes are on my blog and some are from the website and I do not own them. I complied them to make it easier to find in one place. I love new recipes and get excited about coming home to cook dinner when I have a new challenge.

My goal is to photograph and add my changes to these recipes after this week of cooking. Then, I will load them on the blog in the Recipe Index. Recipe Legend: SR = Spunky Runner. RW= Runner’s World





  • Sweet Cherry Tomato Pasta (scroll down to find recipe) :: from SR
  • Turkey and Hummus on whole grain bread
  • Turkey and Cranberry with a light spread of Cream Cheese on whole grain bread
  • Black Bean Burritos with rice and cilantro (left overs) :: from RW
  • Greek salad with Zoe’s Kitchen Greek Dressing

Photo Credit: Athlete’s Palate on Runner’s World Website, image by Antonis Achilleos


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