It’s All About the Swag

It’s here…. the NWM Swag!!!!!!

Tons of Nike products were just released for the big Nike Women’s Marathon event. I am more than willing to dish over a big chunk of change for that printed NWM logo on my favorite Nike gear. The feeling of pride when people ask me about my jacket, t-shirt, and 26.2 sticker is totally worth it. I have been saving so I can get the perfect swag when I am in SF Niketown in 4 weeks! My birthday is next week so I want to lay low and direct any funds to these little babies below. Nike gear is never cheap and Nike gear with the NWM logo is outrageous, but I just have to remember that I may never get into this race again. (at least that is what I tell myself and helps me sleep at night.)

This is what I have been looking at buying, what do you think?

  • Running Shirt :: I really like the black one, but I have hot pink shorts I was planning on wearing, so I will just have to see- fashion wise. I really want to wear this race day and wash it at the hotel… good idea?
  • Running Jacket :: I love this sleek style. Check out the design on the back, love it! **** This is what I really want.
  • 26.2 Marathon Sticker

It is all worth the weeks of intense training and mile splits. I have not slept-in for months… all for the pride in finishing 26.2 miles and the power of the SWAG!


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