The Art of the Ice Bath

Check out one of my favorite running blogs Sweat Once A Day and her post How to Take an Ice Bath. She ran her first Ironman this summer and her goal is to run a marathon in every state. This article taught me everything I know and I got all my ideas from her.

Her 6 steps that I have followed to the T:

  1. Buy the ice the night before or carry cash to buy it on your way home from your run
  2. Fill the tub with cold water and then slowly add the ice (while you are in it)
  3. Layer up (I love my Aggie sweatshirt here… you can wear clothes!)
  4. Drink something hot while in the tub (hot tea or Honey Milk)
  5. Entertain yourself
  6. Think about how you feel when you don’t take one

People must think I am crazy when I call my husband after a long run and ask him to start the cold bath. The best is when he already has the bath ready when I come home. Nothing like an ice bath to help with recovery, decreaese muscle inflammation, and incease blood flow.



One thought on “The Art of the Ice Bath

  1. I feel like I need to try this, i’ve been so scared of sitting in a tub of ice 🙂 I like your idea of having someone else prepare it for you before you get home, I feel like i’d be less likely to chicken out that way!

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