Baby Butt Paste… Runner TMI

There are topics that no one ever talks about in running. This may be too much information, but at the risk of that I want to offer up solutions to these problems that definitely exist.

Problem #1: Chafing… during/after runs is painful and can make you stop a run early or leave scarring if left untreated. When you wear a shirt that constantly rubs or has seams, you need to get yourself a little Body Glide (for her). It has the pink lid. I put mine under my sport bra straps, bottom of my arm pit, in between my toes, shorts liner, and (TMI…) in between my chest. Also, I always carry a throw away razor and small shaving cream for any hairs that might cause irritation. Band-aids are life savers… I put them on my chest to make sure that I do not chafe inside my sports bra.

Problem: #2: Fixing Chafing…baby butt paste/desitin/diaper rash ointment. After your run, shower at a lower temperature because the hot water really hurts on any chaffing… you will know in a second. I always smear on the baby butt paste on any pink chafed areas. If I reapply throughout the day, I am “cured” that night.

Problem #3: Diarrhea…the reality of the blood going to your muscles is that the blood is not in your stomach working on digestion. Since it is not working, it can cause serious diarrhea. This can make a great run horrible in seconds. I make sure that I wake up at least an hour and half before a run so I have time to go to the bathroom from last night’s dinner. (fair warning  about the TMI). Drinking hot tea helps me go #2 before a long run and just moving around in general will get everything moving so I can go to the bathroom before I leave, then I take my 1 immodium.

Problem #4: Port-a-Potties…it is inveitable…1 ply toilet paper or worse… no toilet paper in sight after you already went. awkward. So forget that and get Cottonelle flushable wipes (with no alcohol!!!) so you are never without toilet paper and feel fresh and clean and ready to finish your run.

Problem #5: Breakouts…sweat happens, everywhere when you are a runner. I always carry neutrogena makeup remover and cleaning wipes in my gym bag so that I can wipe my face as soon as I am finished running to get that bacteria out of my system early.


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