The marathon is next weekend and I am feeling very coltish. I am antsy, jittery, and have too much nervous energy in my bouncing leg. I wish the race was this weekend so I can accomplish my goal and prove to myself that I can complete the 26.2 miles.

I just want to run, these low miles this week during the taper is great, but I feel like I am just waiting to hear the gun go off and and gate to open up.  I am not competing to break records or win the Triple Crown. I just want to run unhindered, push myself farther and faster than I have ever done before. Race Day will be here before I know it, I need to relax and enjoy this low mileage so I can take it all in next weekend.

Just call me Spunkytariat from now on.


2 thoughts on “Spunkytariat

  1. Oh how I love your blog! I don’t even run… Honestly, no exaggeration, I can run 2 blocks max. Ya… One day… One day… Just storing all these tips up in my brain 🙂 good luck next weekend! I’ll be cheering you on from tx!

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