SPI Belt :: 3 Essentials

My SPI belt has been with me since last year and I have been my storing so many different things in that belt. I love that I can just carry money/id for an Aggie game and it also stretches to hold my iphone/fuel for runs. Earlier I posted about “Baby Butt Paste… Runner TMI” and all of my secrets to make running more efficient and comfortable. Lately, I found that I only need 3 things inside my SPI belt:

  1. Band Aids: for any chaffing that I missed, blisters that I feel during a run, or injuries.
  2. Hand Wipes: I always grab a few extra anti-bacteria wipes from Chick-fil-a in that basket near the ketchup for porta-potty emergencies. They are in individual packs and carry easy. I despise running if I did not wash my hands, I feel so gross! OCD? maybe.
  3. Cottonelle flushable wipes: again, because ply 1 tissue is almost as bad as not being able to go at all. More on this in the Runner TMI post.
  4. (I know that I said 3, but carrying ID, allergy information, and contact numbers on you somewhere is a given***)

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