Nike Women’s Marathon Extreme Packing Lists

Marathon Essentials:

  • SPI belt
  • Yellow waterbottles/clips
  • Headphones
  • 4 Cottonelle wipes
  • 2 Chick-fil-a wipes
  • Fuel: 3 honeystinger waffles/ 3 chomps
  • Snack size Ziplocs for chomps
  • Diarrhea pills/Advil/tiny lip balm
  • Arm warmers
  • Gloves
  • Halo sweat band
  • Hair ties
  • Hot pink Nike tempo shorts
  • Body Glide– anti-chaf stick
  • Purple Nike sports bra
  • Hot pink sports bra
  • Sunglasses
  • Band aids/nip guards
  • Socks
  • Running shoes!!!
  • Safety pins
  • Photos of dad and gram for race finish LLS

San Francisco Packing List:

  • Northface Jacket
  • Jeans
  • Reprint BART schedule
  • Sports bras/ reg bras/ panties
  • PJs
  • Rain Jacket
  • Pink Scarf
  • Tylenol cold sinus/ Benadryl
  • Boots/ tall socks
  • Print email of Nike confirmation, Fashion Show, last minute details
  • Make up/ waterproof mascara/ toothbush. Tooth paste/ razor/ cream/ lotion/tampons
  • Straightener/ hair dryer
  • Dress/ heels
  • Insurance card/ credit card/ cash/ airplane ticket
  • Laundry bag/ dryer sheets
  • Sweaters/ long sleeve shirts
  • T-shirts/ shorts/ capris
  • Phone/ charger

After Race Bag (Bag Check):

  • Phone charger
  • Panties/ sports bra/ baby butt cream for anti-chafing
  • Pants/ shorts
  • Jacket/ rain jacket
  • $
  • Hair tie/ brush/  Neutrogena face wipes/ deodorant/ lip balm
  • Flip flops/ new socks
  • Granola bars/ water bottle

Airplane Carry On:

  • Almonds/ granola/ pretzels
  • Marathon Essentials List… everything… shoes/socks/gear/fuel/water bottles/ SPI belt!!!
  • San Fran Street Map/ Copy of Nike Confirmation Emails
  • Wallet/ $/ insurance card/ membership card for hotel/ e-ticket for plane
  • Phone/ headphones                                         
  • Runner’s World magazines
  • Mile Markers book by Kristen Armstrong (reread last 3 chapters… also check it out at the library for free)
  • Breakaway Podcastdowload podcast

Go Get “Em Girls!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Nike Women’s Marathon Extreme Packing Lists

  1. Amazing list! I’ll also be in SF this weekend for NWM for the 13.1. 🙂 ALSO doing Run the Runway! So exciting. I wonder how many people are participating. I’ve never walked/run a runway before! Good luck with the race!

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