Negative Split!!!

I always wondered why my daddy told me I was born to be a distance runner. I ran the 800m because he ran the 800m in high school and ran the 2 mile in cross country because he trained me. The 800m and 2 mile hardly qualify as distance races. I ran my first half marathon (13.1 miles) 9 months after dad passed away, but testing myself in the marathon (26.2 miles) really pushed me. For the first time, I felt like I was born to run this distance.

I am thankful for my health, persistence in my training, and encouragement from all of you. I am so proud of my results. Welp, here is how it all turned out…

Official Time: 4:09:02

Overall Place: 550 out of 6,322

Age Group Place: 133 out of 1,349 (AG 25-29)

1st Half of the Marathon: 2:07:37

2nd Half of the Marathon: 2:01:25 ***

Thanks for letting me get out my brag sesh…. photos and play-by-play updates to follow.


2 thoughts on “Negative Split!!!

  1. Congratulations on your awesome time!

    I just found out yesterday that finishers get a Tiffany’s necklace (I found your blog by doing a search for pictures), and now I’m obsessed with getting in for next year’s. Your pictures make it look like so fun!

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