Saturday :: Tour San Fran & Team in Training Dinner

9:00 Breakfast at Marine Memorial…. Check out our view! (that would be the ocean in the distance)

10:00 China Town…

11:00 Shopping at lululemon athletica… ALL time favorite photo from the weekend. Yup… that is about right…

12:00 Pier 39, Lunch at Bourdin Sourdough Bakery, Golden Gate Bridge,  Alcatraz…

5:00 Dinner with Monica and her family at the Team in Training Inspirational Dinner.  It was a beautiful event and I am thankful that I was a part of it. Kara Goucher and “The Penguin” spoke at the pasta dinner…

9:00 Set up clothes/gear for the Marathon…. Eeeeee so excited!!!!

Jersey, shorts, socks, throw away sweatshirt, trash bag, fuel, water bottles, patella tendonitis bands, and running shoes!

10:00 Check alarms for Race Day… (hotel wake up call 5am, Joan phone 5am, Mo call 5:30, and my phone alarms…)


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