Sunday :: Nike Women’s Marathon Race Day!!!

5:00 Alarms go off

5:15 Dressed, Eat oatmeal, banana, stretch, chill… photos on my running belt. Dad, Gram, and Pop…

6:40 Walk out the door to the Start Line…

7:00 Race Start! Here we go…22,000 ladies!

8:00 During race view of the Golden Gate Bridge…5K and 10K views…

8:00 At the 10K, continuing my 295 ft climb… watch here!

9:00 Saw Joan at Mile 11…

10:00 During the race view of the Pacific Ocean… Mile 16

11:00 Finished the Marathon!!! {4:09:02} Watch!!!

I finished victoriously and held up my daddy’s photo…I finished for Dad, Gram, and Pop. Now I am a marathoner.

11:15 Throwing up the port-a-potty…. so gross!!! Joan and Monica found me

11:30 Still super pale, but with my Tiffany’s Necklace…stretch in the yoga tent, cookies, turkey sandwiches, chocolate milk…

11:45 I have energy back! Washed face at the Neutrogena tent, chilling at the Finisher Festival. Dancing at the finishers stage.

12:00 Last photos before leaving…

12:30 Took the bus back to the start, back to the hotel for a nap, slept for a long time!!!

5:00 Dinner at Vito’s Pizzeria…

6:30 San Fran is beautiful at night!…

8:30 Early bed time, so tired!!


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