Who Am I?

I feel like runners can struggle with an identity crisis after completing such an accomplishment as the marathon. I ask myself, “Now what? Where do I go from here?”

I have no idea what my next challenge will look like or how training will look now that I completed the goal I always wanted to achieve.

I can rest knowing these things about myself:

I Am:

  • A Daughter to a momma who is training to Boston Qualify
  • A Wife to a husband who is excited about spending more time with me outside of training
  • A Sister to a sweet girl who just got married and moved to Alaska
  • A Bible Study Leader to my incredible high school girls who I cherish getting the chance to walk through life with me and celebrate homecoming, boys, and studying the Word of God
  • A Sister-in-law to my awesome brothers/sisters/niece who is preparing for 2 sibling weddings
  • A Follower of Christ so I can rest in my identity in Him alone
  • An Athlete…(a Marathoner to be exact) I am still trying to see where to go from here, I will keep you posted

Has anyone else experieced, post-event blues?


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