To the Max

B-R-E-A-K… A word that is not usually in my vocabulary. After training for over a 100 days at max intensity and mileage. I needed one of those so-called breaks.

Waking up early day after day can wear down your body and apparently your immune system as it seems that I can’t really find or feel “normal.” (no, I’m not pregnant which is always the first question my dr or friends ask me when I am feeling tired.) 🙂

After that 5-letter word, I was feeling guilty about my break. If you read the post below about identity, I think that this guilt/identity/holidays/stress go hand-in-hand. I am thankful that I found rest in Psalm 138:8 “the Lord will accomplish what concerns me.”

This little nugget of Truth has brought me comfort, not only in my training goals but my identity as a Believer in Christ before He created me to be a Runner.

I was reading in Runner’s World today and found this… “the number of days you should back off after a race is equal to the number of miles you ran.”

Oct 16 minus 26 days is: Nov 11… Well, Breaks over!



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