Monthly Meal Plan

New Year’s Resolutions are difficult to accomplish but are worth it you can devise a plan, have accountability partners, and have intrinsic motivation to reach your goal.

My Goals: #1 Create Monthly Meal Plans, #2 Add Clean Eating into my diet, #3 Nike Training Club 3x/week

At first, the idea of creating a monthly meal plan was skewed in that I thought that only stay-at-home moms could pull this off, those Dugards, or people with too much time on thier hands. Seeing that I do not fit into any of the categories that I created in my mind I came up with this monthly meal plan by accident.

 I decided that I wanted to help my 2 newly married sister-in-laws and my own sister transition into the cooking world by cooking healthy recipes. As a wedding gift, I wanted to help them plan weekly meals and create grocery lists to make the transition easier. I sat down during Christmas Break and the ideas kept rolling as to what I thought they should make and then I kept thinking about what I would want to eat.

Before I knew it, I had 4 weeks worth of ideas and a grocery list for each week created. Ta-Da!

Monthly Meal Plan Tranitioning Into Clean Eating (PDF)

Grocery Shopping List Week 1 Transitioning to Clean Eating (PDF)

Note: I am not a dietian and have no way to knowing what your dietary needs are. I am simply sharing with you what I will be cooking and my resouces.


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