Week 2 Meal Plan

Week 2

Mon: Greek Chicken Pitas From: FitnessFood And Faith (C)

Tues: Lemon Spaghetti From: Spunky Runner (P)

Weds: Black Bean Tacos From: Spunky Runner (V)

Thurs: Mini Turkey Meatloaves Potatoes From: FitnessFood And Faith (M)

Fri: Mini Meatloaf *Leftovers*

Sat: Crock Pot Pineapple Chicken {CE} From: Gracious Pantry (C)

Sun: Pineapple Chicken *Leftovers* w/ Coconut Rice {CE} From: Paula Deen (C) (V)

Enjoy! Make sure you are eating lots of fruit and veggies during your day. Dried Fruits, fruit juices, veggies sticks already cut will make you reach your fruit and veggie goals. Add salads to any of these meals, but watch your dressing intake.


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