Hot Chocolate 15K Review

The Hot Chocolate 15K/5K Race in Dallas, Texas

4:45 the alarm goes off… ponytail up, race clothes on, hot tea brewing, laced up and out the door by 5:15. I live in the burbs of Dallas so it took a good 45 mins (including light parking traffic) to get Fair Park. Mom and I found the right parking lot and waited with the rest of the runners who were still in their cars prepping for the race with their music turned up and coffee going down. We were all waiting until the last possible second to step into that 28 degree temp and 17 mph winds. I found an old hat and cut off the top to make a perfect neck/face warmer. (Why I didn’t think of that earlier, I’ll never know.)

With my hand warmers in tow, mom and I made a gentle dash across the parking lots and fair park into the warm automotive building before the race. (Genius idea to be out of the cold, Ram Racing). The DJ had the music turned up and the 5Kers were already supposed to be at the start line. I was thankful that we had 2 different start times and did not have to mix with the “walkers” in this race. Don’t get me wrong, I love a fun 5K with strollers, dogs, friends, and walkers but with my mom just off 2 marathons within the past 6 weeks and my marathon behind me, I knew that the 15K was going to be a new experience.

It’s amazing that I (26) was begging my mom (53) to take it easy and made her promise me a slow start. I didn’t want to make excuses, but the reality was that I literally had not run since my October Nike Women’s Marathon. The gun goes off. Here we go.

The course was great, the runners were friendly, everyone was talking about how amazing hot chocolate would sound after running in what “feels like” 19 degree weather. Mom and I started with a 9:30 pace and with each mile my Nike GPS headphones were informing me that with every mile we were going significantly faster as our muscles warmed up.

“9:20, 9:04. 9:00, 8:57, 8:55, 8:45, 8:37…” Thankfully, my mom had to tie her shoes so I caught a quick breath as she tried to wave me on with a “just keep going on, I’ll catch up.” Nice Try. I needed this break and almost wanted to fake needing to tie my own shoes for a little more time.

“I will buy you new running shoes if you make the last 2 miles faster than we have been running,” my mom challenged. Game On! I kicked it into high gear, ignoring that fact the my current 300+ miles running shoes on my feet were making some embarrassing slapping sounds on the concrete and finished the race with 8:30, 8:25 mile times.

We were greeted with the sweet smell of chocolate after the race with Ghirardelli chocolate fondue and dunkable Rice Krispie treats, apples, and pretzels. Then I served the most perfect Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate in the world. So. Good. Much- Needed.

Mom and I had a wonderful time! The course was well planned, expo was organized, volunteers were friendly, and the Hot Chocolate itself was worth it. Well, new shoes and a new 15K personal best also made for a perfect weekend for my mom and I.

The Stats:

Spunky Runner: 1:22:51, Overall Place: 736, Age Group:57, Females: 377

Momma: 1:22:38, Overall Place: 722, Age Group: 13, Females: 367

Yes, my momma is awesome! Thankfully it is in the genes. Thanks Ram Racing for a great run!

Find a Race: Chicago, Dallas, San Diego, Denver, San Francisco, Phoenix, Atlanta


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