Tone It Up!

Hey Beach Babes, (imagine that said with a Texan accent) follow my progress as I get beach ready this season with the Tone It Up! Girls. Under ::Training Tips, “Tone It Up! Workout” is where you can track my daily workouts given to me when I signed up on the TIU website. Sign up too and let me know so we can do this together!

As I watching some of the videos on the website, the girls reference very few products that they endorse. I was excited to see what they love and wanted to share with you a little link love from them.

:: COOLA Organic Sunscreen *** I need to buy some ASAP because the weather in Dallas is crazy hot!

:: Oakley Sunglasses … Look chic and run strong like these girls…. Perform Beautifully 

:: LaraBar … you had me at Coconut Cream Pie

:: Tone It Up! Store…. The Gear … what I wish I had now

  • Rise & Run Shirt
  • Lunch Box …. I know, who wants a lunch box? I do! This summer, I need to pack healthy food with me so I don’t eat out.


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