Catch the Wave with Neutrogena Wave

After a long day of teaching PE, catching a cardio class at the gym, or a long morning run, my face needs some relief from the  sweat and bacteria that was building up. Gross, but true. My face loves to break out when I am not quick to wash my face after workouts….. or stretch after a run. I know I should, but sometimes I love to be lazy. I pay for both later.

Introducing the Neutrogena Wave. A genius and affordable little invention is my new secret weapon against sweat and breakouts. My favorite is the Gentle Exfoliating pad that has microbeads that leave my skin feeling soft and fresh. When I use a regular cleanser and washcloth, I feel like I didn’t get my face as clean as my Wave. I switch between the Gentile Exfolating and the foaming Deep Clean pads.

The Neutrogena Wave is only $13 (I think I got mine at Walmart for $11), sure beats the $150-$225+ for the Clarisonic.

While we are on the subject…. Here is what I use daily from Neutrogena:


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