Nike Legend Pants & a 7 mile Run!

On Sunday I ran the longest run of my pregnancy so far… hello 7 miles! I felt amazing, strong, relaxed, and needed that time to get “in flight” instead of just walking. People at work and on Facebook are always shocked that I run. The usual response is “You can still run?! Did your doctor say it was ok?!” First of all, the people that ask this question are never runners. Runners get it. Non-runners do not understand.

Why would I take 9 months off from being active, go through labor, then try to convince my body that moving is a good idea? There is not a chance I am taking time off from running. My motive is not to have a super-hot pregnant bod, but give myself the endorphins I crave. I sleep so much better on the days I work out.

Yes, my doctor did say I can still run. I can do whatever I was doing before I got pregnant, but use common sense. I can still lift arm weights, just decrease the weight and always check my form. I backed off completely from leg press and squats only because I was straining too hard and didn’t have a trainer watching me. I was running miles before, I can continue to run miles now, just not as hard. My 7 min mile became a 15 min mile overnight so that was easy. 🙂 

My doctor told me to stay at 80% my max heart rate. To calculate… 226-(age: 26) = 200/80% = 160 beats per minute for my heart rate to stay at 80% max. It really is common sense, if you are running hard you get into anaerobic or decrease of oxygen. The baby needs oxygen so decrease the work load on your heart so the baby stays healthy. I love my Polar heart rate monitor with the fabric strap. It makes watching my heart rate during runs a piece of cake. I set the limits to 160 bpm and it beeps/alarms me when I hit my limit.

After my run I went to Luke’s Locker and bought some super comfortable pants for teaching PE that will be perfect throughout pregnancy… introducing the Nike Legend Slim Fit Pant.

The wide band and stretch of the pant is ideal. They also come in “short” length which is perfect! Luke’s had them for $70 (full retail price), but I also went to check out the Nike Outlet. They have the Legend pant, but it is not available in slim fit or short sizes. If that works for you then, sweet! They were only $40-$55 at the outlet.

These pants look amazing with my hard- earning Nike Women’s Marathon Jacket. 🙂

Happy running!


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