A Look Back… A Year Ago Today

This weekend last year, I:

  • Flew to San Francisco with my best friend Joan
  • Picked up my race packet
  • Found my name on the Nike Town Wall
  • Walked the Nike Fashion Show Runway, met some amazing girls
  • Inspired by the survivors at the Team in Training Spaghetti Dinner with Monica and her family
  • Set out my race day clothes
  • Got dressed with my new Nike gear, pictures of Dad and Gram
  • Ran my heart out for 26.2 miles
  • Saw the ocean, Golden Gate Bridge, and trolly hills from a different perspective as a runner
  • Cried as we I ran through the inspiration mile with photos of those battling, survived, passed away from leukemia/lymphoma
  • Crossed the finish line in 4:09
  • Earned my Tiffany’s necklace and my negative split
  • Threw up in the porta potty (TMI)
  • Went to Nike Yoga after the race, drank chocolate milk
  • Tried to walk up the trolly hills to get the best pizza ever, Joan had to pick me up when my legs stopped working, oh the memories
  • Finally got to try the clam chowder before our flight
  • Hugged by best friend who selflessly helped me with everything that weekend
  • Flew back to Dallas with a greater sense of accomplishment, strength, and pride in myself that I did not know what there

Today, I:

  • Prayed for my 5 month old little baby boy on the way, that he would be healthy, strong, and achieve his goals
  • Signed up for the Dallas Marathon Relay with some incredible friends for December
  • Sat in awe of what God has done in my life in the past year
  • Thankful for friends who love me and cheer me on

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