Grocery Run

I recently read the Runner’s World article Grocery Run and wanted to share it with you. I loved how the article went aisle by aisle helping to decipher the runner friendly foods from the crap. Check it out for yourself. Here are some bullet points I am adding to my grocery list this weekend.

  • mobile compatible grocery list here
  • Shop color, avoid prepackaged, chopped fruit, ready made smoothies packed with sugar, and iceberg lettuce
  • download these apps: FishPhone, Seafood watch for sustainable fish options
  • Check for organic, grass fed beef
  • look for Barilla whole grain linguine for pasta and Eden Organic spaghetti sauce
  • toss out bagels, toss in whole grain english muffins
  • say no to: yogurt covered nuts/pretzels, salted nuts/seeds, and sweetened dried fruit

Check out the article because it has TONS of resources of what to toss out of your pantry and what to toss into your cart.


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