Zulily Running Tanks

As a runner, I am always looking for comfortable gear that gets the job done. Being pregnant, my choices are limited to “large” Nike running tanks or too expensive lululemon “4 way stretch,” but not maternity clothes. I was thankful that my friend showed me the Zulily maternity gear website

** Update: I cancelled my Zulily order because of their shipping policy. They take orders, then order in bulk, then send it to you within the month. I needed the shirt within a week, so I found a different shirt instead.

I searched for:”running for two”   and found the cutest running tanks, long sleeves, yoga shirts with forgiving roushing and cute colors. I got blue for Brannon and the racerback fit looked the best for me.

I have my Dallas Marathon Relay with my friends in 2 weeks and really wanted to wear a cute shirt. I was going to make one, but was unsure how cute it would turn out or how well you can iron on running gear without ruining it. Can’t wait to get it in the mail!

Side Note: I think I need to go to Run On or Luke’s Locker to get new running shoes as my gait and foot placement has changed while running/training for the race while pregnant.

Ya’ll know of any other websites to get maternity running gear?


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