Dallas Marathon Relay

host hotel

It would have just felt strange not running in the Dallas Marathon this year. I have run that race 4 times and being 8 weeks from delivery was not going to stop me! Check out my past races here. With the approval from my amazing obgyn, she allowed me to run the race and then told me to “retire” until baby Brannon gets here. I will stick to my runner’s yoga classes and teaching PE for 8 hours a day as my exercise.

I sweet talked my sweet friends into signing up for the 5 person marathon relay back in September. We had so much fun! I would strongly suggest doing a 5 person relay or run with friends; just for fun, not for time every once in a while to get that love of running again without the added PR pressure.

Race Weekend Schedule:

Friday: Checked into the host hotel right in front of the Start Line. I would definitely recommend this for a big race (my momma’s marathon) to give you the ease of literally walking out the hotel door to the start line. No driving, parking, timing stress to deal with… you have enough to worry about with 26.2 miles ahead of you on race morning! This year’s host hotel was the Hyatt Regency, but I prefered the luxury style of the Omni Hotel where we stayed last year.

Saturday: Picked up the relay and marathon packet first thing as the expo opens at 9am. Momma signed up for the Rock N Roll Half in Dallas in March. She loves to have a race on the calendar for training goals. We wished we were doing the Hot Chocolate 15K in February, but seeing that it is the same week I am scheduled to deliver… I figured I would sit this one out! 🙂

Last year’s Hot Chocolate 15K race with my momma….


Handing out the shirts, bib numbers, and assigning the relay leg distances to my relay team…

Relay Team

Sunday: Got my momma off and ready to her start line for the marathon. We had Boston Qualifying goals for her, but this was not the race. She did amazing though with a 4:35 time.

5 Person Relay:

  • Michelle: {4.9mi} started us off then I picked her up, she picked us each up after our legs and dropped off the other runners so we would not have to stay at the relay stations for hours before our legs.
  • Piper: {5.8mi}
  • Abby: {4.7mi}
  • Me & Magan {4.4mi} I convinced Magan to run with me! Best decision! Thanks Mag!
  • Magan {6.4mi} I gave her the ankle baton and she took off… ran 11 miles!

post relay race

Sweet Victory!…

dallas marathon medalsJPG

Overall Review: A+

  • Well organized, enough food, snacks, drinks along the way
  • LOVED the start and finish at the Dallas Convention Center and NOT Fair Park
  • Warm in the convention center after the race, the food trucks were a fun addition
  • Would recommend the 5 Person Relay as a great way to challenge yourself above a 5K and in between a 10K distance for new runners
  • Weather held out better than last year’s freezing rain!
  • Enjoyed the corrals lettering better than the double letters of last year… waiting an hour to start in the freezing rain at the Fair Park
  • Fast course, loved the Marathon route on White Rock Lake
  • Friendly, smiling volunteers 🙂
  • Suggestion: you can never have enough portapotties… the more the merrier. Unlock the portapotties at the Bath House on White Rock.

Thank you Dallas Marathon for a great race and a wonderful weekend!

2012 dallas marathon


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