Getting back out there…

He’s here… our little Brannon, sweetest boy ever.

going home


First order of business: take it easy and recover from a crazy emergency c-section, second: figure out how to be a mom, third: get back on my feet and use my BOB. My doctor challenged me to start walking when I felt up to it. I could walk down the street and add one house for each day of walking.

For the first time running was not a priority for me. Weird how a little baby changes everything overnight; for the better of course. I was so proud of my three houses, you have no idea. I was literally taking baby steps. All the while, feeling like I was cut in half (sort of true) and needed to stop to catch my breath. I had to be outside. I had to feel the sun and know that feeding the baby, sleeping in 45 minute increments, and eating was not the only thing I could do. (New mommas, it gets better, I promise. Feeding every other hour doesn’t last as long as you think. You CAN do this).

I just loved time with my momma. She helped me with the house, made me meals, held Brannon, held me, and cried with me. She helped me get out of bed, got me on my feet, and laced up my Brooks running shoes for me. I am beyond blessed and thankful for her and Joe. Here is our first and second walk with Brannon.

First Run First Run mom 2nd run


Get back out there, mommas. The fresh air will do you some good.


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