Just Between Friends


Waiting for the line to open at noon for the first time moms, grandparents, and teachers with my pass in hand.


Hello, Organization!

I went to my first Just Between Friends experience on Tuesday in Plano. I registered as a first time mom so I could go in hours earlier than it was open to the public and went with a seasoned veteran.

We had a blast! I LOVE organization! There were labels, clothes hung up by size, books by type, and it was clean. The workers were friendly and had quick checkout even though the ladies in front of me all had wagonloads of stuff (see lady in the picture above!). The owner is an Aggie, WHOOP! So, I couldn’t wait to see what JBF was all about.

Armed with my list in hand, I found most everything I was looking for except a BOB Stroller handlebar console. The ladies that volunteer to work JBF get to shop hours earlier, so if there was a BOB console, it was picked up hours ago. Just more motivation to volunteer to work…you get first dibs.

I made out like a bandit with my treasures. As soon as I got home I googled my purchases to see how much the items would have been worth if I bought them new. I was shocked to find out that I got $125 worth of items for only $40 bucks!

Treasures: 3 pairs of swim trunks, rash guard shirt, 2 sleeveless rompers, cloth book, the play gym mat I really wanted (worth $50, scored it for $10, yeah!), and brand new still in the box B. brand soft toy cars that they sell at Target.


Can’t wait for the next one. Find a Just Between Friends near you!


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