Run for Boston 4.17


Get outside and take a picture of you with a sign that says “Run for Boston” and include your city and state. Upload the picture to the Run for Boston 4.17 Facebook page here. You do not have to be a runner and any distance counts. The organizers are going to make a coffee table book to give to the race officials that will include all of the photos of runners around the world. Be a part of it!

I woke up to a beautiful morning with the birds chirping outside the nursery window. Fresh off of some sleep after feeding baby Brannon at 2am and 5am, it felt like race day. You know, that feeling you get when you can’t wait to lace up your shoes and put on the workout clothes that you may or may not have laid out the night before. 🙂

On this morning’s run, I wore my 2012 Boston Marathon shirt and hat that my amazingly talented (and super fast!) friend Alana got me as a gift when she ran Boston last year. I paired it with my favorite blue and yellow Nike shorts and dressed Brannon in the cutest running shoe onesie from my sister, Anna.

Out the door and we’re off… We stopped one time on our run to pause and pray.

At 4:09 mins into our run we stopped and reflected because the bombs went off when official race clock read 4:09 at the finish line. We prayed for the victims, healing of their injuries, their road to recovery, wisdom for the doctors, families affected, and all of the runners who finished or had to be diverted.

It was one of those runs that lingers with you throughout the day. The one you find yourself slipping back to when you are daydreaming. It was relaxing and peaceful, something I wish for any Boston Marathoners who are recovering in any way from that day.

I am thankful my friends and their families that were in Boston running or cheering are all safe: Zach, Katie, Kolin.

Although a fiercely competitive group as a whole, runners are also quick to defend one another with unparalleled loyalty and instant friendship. We get each other. We understand the need for 4am long runs or will run to the gas station for bags of ice for perfectly painful ice bath.

We ran for Boston today for the runners couldn’t and as a sign of solidarity. The Run for Boston 4.17 Facebook page said “Hope triumphs over Fear. Light overcomes Darkness. Good defeats Evil. Every. Single. Time. #runforboston”

Sounds a lot like the book of James. I would rephrase the previous quote: “Christ is the Hope that triumphs over fear from the Enemy. Jesus is the Light who overcame darkness once and for all. Christ (not “good”) defeated evil. Every. Single.Time.”

I pray the Christ will bring healing, peace, and clarity. That people would come to know Christ somehow through this situation as only Christ can.

Did you Run for Boston today?


One thought on “Run for Boston 4.17

  1. Love your heart. Love your blog. I am so not a runner but I always dream of being one when I read your blog. I do NTC all the time – you got me hooked on it and David loves it too!

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