Link Love: Teething Necklaces, Honest, MyLittleSunshine (Coupon Codes Inside!)

1.Smile Sunshine Designs Teething Rings and Necklaces I bought myself some cute silicone beads that I can wear for Brannon to teeth or play with. He has really loved them and I love dressing up a tshirt. I got him a fabric teething ring it is so cute! Message me for a coupon code! She gave me a code for 15% off a one time order that I am allowed to share! (Thanks Beth!) They have such cute stuff: silicone teething necklaces for you, custom orders, fabric teethers, tie fabric teethers! Have fun shopping, I could not stop checking the mail box waiting for this to come!



2. Honest Company Safe, non-toxic, smells amazing, cleans well… I love that I get to pick my 5 items to be shipped whenever I want them and they are here quick! Pick any 5 items for $35 shipped and delivered to my door. Last time I ordered: sunscreen, bug spray, (both are amazing for Brannon!!), laundry soap, bathroom cleaner, and multipurpose cleaner.  All products are full size, not small like you would think.The app saves you time by allowing you to change your bundle options. I can’t wait to get this next bundle next month: sunscreen, healing balm, multipurpose cleaner, lotion, and shampoo. They have free trial sizes of their cute diapers (delivered to your door!), safe amazing products, and you don’t have to have a baby to enjoy safe non toxic cleaning supplies. I am waiting to finish my Sam’s Club Clorox wipes (I know, I know), bathroom cleaners to transition to just these Honest Co products full time. Use this link to help you check it out and get started!



3. Ashley Carter’s My Little Sunshine Etsy Shop. I have ordered so much custom stuff from my friend Ashley. She is unbelievably talented in the sewing department. For. Real. I got a kindle and she created me a custom case for it. I just added to my addiction with her chevron boho bag, kindle case, nursing cover, my sister’s harringbone boho bag, and she made Brannon a cute bow tie (look close). Love all her stuff, check it out…. Facebook or Etsy Shop.



Link Loving it up… Have fun shopping, ladies!


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