2013 Health Goals


What you are not going to see here in my 2013 Health Goals post is how fast I got into my “skinny” jeans or how much weight I lost to get there or how long/short it took me to reach my pre-baby weight. You know why? Because all of that does not hold a candle to how sweet it is to rock my baby to sleep, how proud I am of sticking with nursing Brannon, or how strong I feel when I workout alongside incredible moms that I get to call my friends. We are on the same team…you and I…moms or not…we need to encourage one another…out loud. Bragging only makes those that fell short of a goal feel less important, when really we all have something we can cheer about or cheer each other on.

I am proud of my post-baby fitness level brought to me by Fit4Mom! As a Stroller Strides instructor, it has really challenged me to come up with fun workouts that target the entire body to maximize that 1 hr with our babies. As a member, I have enjoyed going to the other classes taught by our amazing team. These classes help me with new ideas and allow me to spend some time sweating side by side with our mommas; feeling the burn with them. They are my sweaty sisters! I just love one of the Fit4Mom mottos “Offering strength and sisterhood in motherhood.” That is exactly what Stroller Strides does for me!

2013 Health Goal 1: Try a new fitness class….and I am loving my Stroller Barre class! Never a dancer as a little girl, but always being teachable makes this class intriguing and difficult for me. I love the lean look and fine toning muscular components of this class. If you haven’t tried a barre, class…go, for sure! My friend owns the Pure Barre Plano studio (without babies) or come to one of our classes Fit4Mom Stroller Barre (with babies) at our Grapevine location.

2013 Goal 1: Try a new Fitness class….CHECK!

  • Stroller Strides as a member starting in March
  • Stroller Strides as an instructor starting in June
  • Stroller Barre as a member starting in November

Spunky Runner…takes up a Stroller Barre class…

1472792_10152105955639328_1936746604_n 529498_10152032195944328_2059861522_n

2013 Goal 2: Be proud of my post-baby body… CHECK

  • I grew a human for 9 months, people! That was hard work; especially while teaching 550 students elementary PE and dealing with morning sickness or as I like to call it (all day sickness)
  • Body Weight Check-In? No idea, I never looked when I stood on the scale during prenatal appointments and haven’t stepped on one since. I still don’t know how much I gained while pregnant. But that is ok! I feel healthy, I feel strong, and I do not want to be dominated by a number that I can’t get out of my head. Why? Because, I know me too well. I know that I would make that number getting smaller the priority, even if I didn’t want it to be the priority. I know that for me, not knowing that number has allowed me freedom.  I am not stuck to a structured running regimen that would be more for weight loss, than enjoying the freedom the run would bring me.

2013 Goal 3: Organize/Simplify Healthy Grocery Shopping… CHECK!

  • eMeals   email me at:  emilyfit4mom(at)gmail(dot)com for 15% off!
  • My time-health-life-saver! I chose the “Clean Eating for 2” and “Clean Eating for 2 Slow Cooker” meals plans. (I switch between the two programs.) Download the app, it gives you the meals for the week, grocery list specific to the grocery store you shop at, pdf of the meal plans to save for the future, and 1 entree and 1 side dish for every day!!! It is incredible!!
  • I found my deal on groupon and I will definitely be renewing!

I am thankful to my husband Joe, my runner Momma, my Stroller Stride moms/friends, my fellow Stroller Stride Instructor, Lori, and Fit4Mom Franchise Owner/Instructor/Goal Encourager…Farrah for helping me reach my health and fitness goals of 2013! I couldn’t have done it all of you.

A Peek inside my Stroller Strides class…

Hawaiian Christmas:




80’s Day Theme:


Plank and Wall Sit Challenges:


Here’s to meeting my 2013 Health Goals… and planning my 2014 Health Goals.


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