2014 Health Goals…Clean Eating, Green Smoothies, and Tone It Up


Health Goal #1: Clean up our eating

  • I will start this journey on Jan 1. Cook a clean dinner 5 out of 7 nights of the week. I will reassess monthly.
  • Make better choices when we eat out twice per week
  • eMeals has helped me by emailing me my “Clean Eating for 2” meal plan for the week, grocery list, and easy-to-use app that helps me not have to worry if my meal is nutrient dense. Check out groupon for their $29/yr subscription. For the price of a cookbook, it’s so worth it!

Health Goal #2: Incorporate more veggies into our diet

  • I will start this challenge on Jan 1. Make a green smoothie every morning for 30 days from Simple Green Smoothies. I will reassess at the end of the 30 days.
  • Simple Green Smoothies is founded by 2 friends on a mission to make incorporating healthy greens into their daily lives. Check it out.
  • Free 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge is going to encourage me to eat those greens with weekly emails, recipes, and shopping lists! I’m excited that my husband is on board…Mister-I-Don’t-Eat-Veggies. After 5+ years of marriage, trying to cook veggies at dinner with no participation, I got in a bad habit of only cooking an entree with no side dish, (let alone a leafy green side dish.) He is great about trying everyone once, but these smoothies are going to be awesome with mangos, pineapple, etc. covering up the much-needed, but oh-so-scary greens! Game On, Smoothies…Game On.
  • Check out that picture above of my fridge! Kale, spinach, mangos, bananas, pineapple, apple, pears, avocados, oranges, grapefruit, coconut water…etc! Such goodness! Happy Smoothie making to me!!!!!
  • We are also considering the 21 Day Cleanse. As a kinesiology major, I am not one to jump into something I don’t believe in on the nutrition front. I am not a fan of pills, supplements, and weird concoction of ingredients that I can’t pronounce from some root somewhere, there is none of that here… only real food, in its most natural state to be used to help detox the body. I have to wait until I am not nursing Brannon, but after that I am excited to do my first cleanse!
  • Other Simple Green Smoothies links I enjoyed:
  • Green Smoothies 101 with ratios of fruit-green-liquid
  • Beginner’s Luck Green Smoothie Recipe the first recipe I tried
  • Recipes Galore!
  • Sneak Peek of Day 1 of the Cleanse


Health Goal #3: Workout 3x per week or more with baby Brannon

  • With teaching Stroller Strides and attending Stroller Barre as a member, makes this is my favorite goal by far! My week schedule makes me so happy that working out with my friends and leading my friends is a part of my life. God is so good!
  • Attend 3 classes taught by other instructors per month to continue to strive towards learning from the best instructors
  • Attend 1 yoga class per month for some (me) time 🙂
  • Tone It UpLove your Body Fitness Challenge! ******* I LOVE these girls, can’t wait!


In addition to our Health Goals… I also included my personal goals below

Spunky Goal #1: Spend time with Jesus every morning!


Spunky Goal #2: Use my Cloth Diapers. I got in a habit of putting B in the disposable diapers (there is nothing wrong with using disposables) when we went out in public and during class. I love using my cloth diapers and found some great liners that will help. I just need to get back into the routine and am thankful for friends who rock at cloth diapers!

See you on the other side of 2013!



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