Beginner’s Luck Green Smoothie

First smoothie down! So so so good!

2 cups spinach, packed
2 cups water
1 cup mangos
1 cup pineapple
2 bananas

Thanks for the great recipe Simple Green Smoothies!

Link I loved for help, Green Smoothie Prep 101



My prep above the night before helped make my morning routine even easier. I just cut it up and measured it out when I was already getting dinner ready. In the prep link above, they suggested to put the spinach on top, don’t forget to take the spinach out and blend it separately with water before adding the rest of the fruit!

FAQ’s: This this a meal replacement? The Simple Green Smoothie recipes makes 32-40oz, Joe drinks his 16oz (2 cups) as a breakfast meal replacement. I drink my 16oz when baby wakes up at 7:00am and then eat steel cut oats or my Good Morning Sunshine (My Fit Foods) homemade meal I have in the fridge at 10:30 after Stroller Strides class. I am currently still nursing and need the extra nutrition, but I am a huge fan of multiple meals during the day to help maintain glucose levels throughout the day.



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