Good Morning Sunshine Breakfast


My Fit Foods has brought our Stroller Strides moms breakfast after class a few times. Each time they bring new meals and they introduced me to their Good Morning Sunshine. It is a perfect combination of lean ground protein, ratio of 4:1 liquid egg white to whole egg scrambled, brown steamed rice, and pico or salsa. I made my homemade version of it and has made it as a staple in the week mix.

3 things I never thought about….#1 eating rice for breakfast #2 adding whole eggs to egg whites to make it taste better and not styrofoam #3 portioning it out in old my fit food containers for the week.

This is not a casserole, just make the individual ingredients and mix them together. Store in a pyrex and microwave for 1 min. It’s got a good little kick thats not too spicy.

I paired my Good Morning Sunshine breakfast with a “Morning Sunshine” Smoothie from Simple Green Smoothies. Sign up for the Free 30 Day challenge to get emails of their recipes!

Morning Sunshine Smoothie

Buenos Dias, Amigas!



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