Snow Play Recipe


How do you make Fort Friday even better?… Make Snow and play inside your fort! I L-O-V-E all the play dough/goo/slime/activities from Growing a Jeweled Rose website. She is a girl after my own heart with sensory play ideas. Her Sparkle Snow Recipe (2-15oz boxes of corn starch + 1 can shaving cream) which we made today and check out her fun bath time ideas (hello, birthday bath, ice cream bath, bath spray paint, glow in the dark bath …and so many more… just incredible.

I would add that an important part of any sensory play is to introduce the material by playing with it first, offer the material and invite play to your baby. Not only playing with it with baby’s hands, but put that material on their arms, legs, and squish their feet in it eventually. This way we are introducing the entire body to explore, not only the hands.

Side note: B definitely tasted this material (corn starch and shaving cream)… not too pleasant of a taste, but he didn’t do it again after that. So keep and eye on baby and try a new dough recipe today. It took 2 minutes to make and we played with it for an hour.


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