Valentine’s Day Sensory Play 10 Ideas!


Intentional play is super important for babies growing and developing a context for the world around them. I know that I get tired of playing “cars” all the time and wanted to have something to look forward to each day when B woke up from his nap. So I made 5 different boxes; 1 for each day of the week. I learned that messy play is perfect for our master bath tub so I can also sit down with B inside the tub and play.  I mean, when is messy play not fun!? Then, clean clothes are ready next to the tub for a quick change and I wash the mess right down the drain!

It was rainy and boring all day so I made some bath paint. Then it became a 3pm-bath-in-the-middle-of-the-day kinda of day. Perfect.

Homemade Bath Paint Play



3 Parts Baby Powder, 1 Part Baby Shampoo, Food Coloring, and water until you get the desired texture

As always… from my favorite website…. Check out… Growing a Jeweled Rose Bath Paint


Discovery Bottles & Ziploc Squish Sensory Bags

Both are perfect for young babies. I made ocean sensory bags when B was 4 months. We go to the Dollar Tree and hit up the seasonal section for tons of items for a-la-cheap! All of this was under $4… and we made discovery bottles, ziploc squish, and hide and seek instant potatoes.



$4….Foam sparkle hearts and glitter, clear red heart beads, pipe cleaners into twirls, and cut up a bow from gift section….lots of different play ideas!!!

Discovery Bottles…. small water bottles, add the items above, seal lid with hot glue. Done!

Check out… Growing a Jeweled Rose Rainbow Discovery Bottles Ideas

Ziploc Squish Sensory Bag… 2- 1gallon ziplocs (double protection), 1 bottle clear hair gel (save bottle and make another discovery bottle!), add items above, seal zipper with duct tape.

Check out… Growing a Jeweled Rose Sensory Bag Ideas


Cake Mix Edible Baby Sensory Play

So soft, smells yummy! Not a big deal if baby eats it!


$4… 2 cookie or cake mix with sprinkles, 2 cupcake/ice cream dog toys, cupcake stuff!

Check out…Growing a Jeweled Rose Cake Mix Dough Ideas


Hide and Seek Instant Potato Sensory Play


$3….2 boxes of Instant Potato Flakes, Valentine Hearts for hiding and digging.

Perfect for young babies because it is edible! The soft and fluffy texture make digging in clean fun!

Check out…. Growing a Jeweled Rose Potato Flakes

We can’t wait to try…. Potato Flake Finger Paint


Ocean Sensory Play

“The seaweed is always greener…” (cue the steel drums and Sebastian, because we are going Under the Sea!)


  • Spaghetti for “sea weed”
  • Green Food Coloring for noodles, Blue Food Coloring for bath color
  • Ocean Friends (toys)
  • Waves on the iTunes or ocean theme music with seagulls
  • Just add water and baby!

Watch this video I made! Brannon LOVED it!




I didn’t anticipate Kai wanting to get the tub with the baby! The smell of the noodles was too much for her!




Snow or Paint


$4…shaving cream, corn starch, food coloring, (add water for paint), sponge dish brush used a paint brush!


How do you make Fort Friday even better?… Make Snow and play inside your fort! I L-O-V-E all the play dough/goo/slime/activities from Growing a Jeweled Rose website. She is a girl after my own heart with sensory play ideas. Her Sparkle Snow Recipe (2-15oz boxes of corn starch + 1 can shaving cream) which we made today and check out her fun bath time ideas (hello, birthday bath, ice cream bath, bath spray paintglow in the dark bath …and so many more… just incredible.

I would add that an important part of any sensory play is to introduce the material by playing with it first, offer the material and invite play to your baby. Not only playing with it with baby’s hands, but put that material on their arms, legs, and squish their feet in it eventually. This way we are introducing the entire body to explore, not only the hands.

Side note: B definitely tasted this material (corn starch and shaving cream)… not too pleasant of a taste, but he didn’t do it again after that. So keep and eye on baby and try a new dough recipe today. It took 2 minutes to make and we played with it for an hour.


Fort Friday


On Fridays when B wakes up, we build a fort first thing in the morning. It sets the tone for a wonderful day of rest where all snacking, reading, playing, and (some) napping takes place under the fort. Sometimes Joe will build us a fort on Thursday night so we can wake up and be surprised on which room, which materials our new fort is constructed.

Why Fort Fridays?… the real question is… Why not Fort Friday? 🙂



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