What I’m Wearing


As a fitness instructor, I get asked about my favorite gear. I just recently found Lucy Activewear and have been loving their products. I scored 3 sale items!


  • Synergy Capri $45 sale, usually $80 // I love the gray color that can go with anything! If I have a shorter tank, than the cute blue accent piece will show. With a longer tank like this with one, I don’t have to worry about color coordinating with bright blue and can wear anything. I like the “Goldilocks weight” of this material. It feels light enough for warm weather, warm enough for a little chilly weather, just tight enough, and fits just right all over.
  • Track Goddess Legging $55, usually $90 // Looking for a new “staple” for unpredictable park workouts, this track goddess legging is perfect. I bought one with the black stripe not the neon stripe which transitions well for going from workout to lunch dates with friends. Just throw on boots and a sweater and you are good to go!
  • Synergy Tank $45, usually $60 //  I feel like I scored a sweet deal with this synergy tank. The sports bra and mesh tank are intertwined, but 2 separate pieces. Some tanks claim they have a “sports bra” attached, but it is more like a weird shelf bra inside a tight-fitted tank. Not so with the synergy tank… 2 different pieces, that look cute in the back. Its like a 2 for 1 deal!

As a part of our Get Fit Challenge for Fit4Mom, Lucy teamed up to outfit our moms and show off their new fit body! They gave us an extra percentage off of even the sale items! Thanks to Lucy in Southlake, TX!! The ladies and manager at the Southlake store are super friendly, brought us all different sizes & styles to try on, and went above and beyond to make it a fun event. Thanks so much!


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