Pink Lemonade and Cotton Candy Scented Sensory Rice.




  • 3-5lbs of white rice (walmart $5)
  • gallon ziplocs
  • Duncan Hines frosting creations
  • food coloring
  • a few tablespoons of water
  • cookie sheets for drying
  • 28 gallon tub for playing later


  • Add desired amount of rice, duncan hines packet, food coloring, tiny bit of water to a ziploc and shake it!
  • Pour out and let dry on a cookie sheet overnight or it might be dry at the end of a long nap! 🙂



Play! It smells AMAZING!!!!



As always, from my fav blog {via} Growing a Jeweled Rose

** Brannon is 15 months so we played together to make sure he would not eat the uncooked rice. He LOVED smelling it and mixing the colors together. Supervision is muy importante. 🙂


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