Airplane Activity Binder


Traveling with a little one is never easy but I scoured Pinterest and my own creativity to make this Airplane Activity Binder for Brannon who is 1.5yrs old.

Top Picture is everything I scored from the Dollar Tree $16 worth of pencil bags, binder, and cheap new toys for B.

Stickers: Tons of options, 3D animals

Playdough: sealed in snack sized ziplocs to lay flat and 1 flat cookie cutter. I also added cinnamon to the red play dough to make it smell better.

Dinos: Stretchy dines from the $1 toy section and a dino bath book

Felt Button Snake: All you need is felt, ribbon, button, and some thread. I am NOT gifted in the sewing department but I can sew a button to a piece of ribbon. Cut felt squares and make a slit in the felt to “thread” the button through the felt for each square. Easy. Light. We practiced this earlier and B loved it.



I saw people print and cut out puzzles from the free printables then laminate them. I really didn’t feel up for that and B really only likes his construction puzzle. In a stroke of genius I color photocopied his favorite puzzle, stuck it in a page protector, and packed his puzzle pieces. He could also color on this sheet as well after.


Airplane Basketball: Brannon’s bathtub goal sticks to the window and has a bottom so the ball will not roll out. This could be a serious fail or a serious win. Since it stores flat, I’ll give it a try.

Fine Motor Skills: 1- Pinching a clothespin to capture pom poms. 2- open and close empty glue sticks. He LOVES doing this with my lip balm so hoping this will be a win.

Coloring Pages: B love Curious George and I found free printables from PBS with washable crayons. I also ordered a Planes Color Wonder Book and markers from Amazon that will only color on the special book and not on the seats or tray table.

Not Pictured: I got B a small Curious George stuffed animal.

**Gel Window Clings to decorate the window

**Colored Masking Tape or painters tape to decorate the window


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