Beach Babe 3 DVD Review

Oh my goodness, Yall, the Beach Babe 3 dvd is amazing! For this momma, I have been trying to sneak in workouts during nap time. I waited too long before getting the Beach Babe 2 dvd and now with release of the Beach Babe 3 DVD I have an arsenal of awesomeness just waiting for me. K&K are so relatable, kick my butt, and really are “my trainers.” I have started doing an early morning workout aka “booty call” and this ️Beach Babe 3 DVD is full of workouts that make me so proud of myself when I finish! They are hard but K&K are encouraging when the going gets tough. “Stay with me, I’m doing it too” as they workout alongside of me. I LOVE the Beach Ball workout using a fitness ball because it challenges my postnatal body and abs but also gives me grace when I need it to build that strength back. Here’s the breakdown that helps me plan how much time I need to set aside for myself. 

*beach bombshell 40mins

*coconut core and booty 35mins

*beach arms 15mins

*ultimate bootycall 30mins

*caribbean kettlebell 35mins

*string bikini 10mins

*beach ball 25mins

*beach stretch and release 15mins

Thank you k&k for workouts that make me excited to get out of bed and do something for myself! Getting my body back and feeling stronger after having my babies! The best gift I can give my babies is this momma caring for myself and being the best role model I can. 

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